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Trenchless Water Line Replacements

Clearwater performs main water service line repairs, replacements and installations without total yard excavation throughout Northern Virginia. We also can service any plumbing problems in your home or office.  We can replace your main water line, and preserve your lawn and landscaping during most water supply line replacements and repairs. We use state of the art Trench-less Technology to protect your yard and investment during the water line replacement. We use 1 of 3 methods depending on the ground condition, type of pipe and location of pipe.  We provide a true trench-less experience that won't disappoint! #SayNOtoDitches

Give us a call today for a Free Estimate. We will come to your home and access the extent of work, then provide a honest estimate to help save you money. We strive to beat any written water service estimate by $250.00


Service Department

We also offer residential service work to handle any of your plumbing problems. If water runs through it, we can fix it! 

- Hot Water Repair/Replacement 

- Sump Pumps 

- Kitchen/ Bathroom re-plumb

- Home Re-piping

- Main Sewer Line Repair/ Replace

- Toilet Repair/ Replacement 

- Faucet and Fixture 


- Well Pumps 

- Dishwasher Install 

- Plus much more, just ask!


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We take pride in our work and strive to please every customer.  We are confident we can service the needs of our customers in a timely and efficient manner without breaking the bank. 

  • We service all of Northern Virginia and Northern Fauquier and Stafford County
  • Licensed and Insured 
  • Free Estimates in Prince William and Fairfax Counties

We understand when your home or business has a plumbing problem, it can have a ripple effect. We want to get you back in working order as fast as possible. 

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Water Service FAQ

Do I have a water leak?

- If you have seen a spike in your water bill or notice areas in your yard that seem to always be wet, you may have a water leak. Call your local Water Authority and they will come out and inspect the area and tell you if it is from a leak or normal groundwater or give us a call Today and we can check for FREE!

Why would my water line have a leak?

- There are several reasons your water service line could have a leak/break. It could be general age, roots, rock and debris around the pipe,  defective material or extreme temperature changes. 

What is the Trenchless Method?

- Installing a new water line without digging a trench can be done in several different ways, depending on the ground. We can pull the line through the existing one, directional bore or use underground moleing. All 3 options are minimally invasive on your yard and help preserve your home investment. 

New Home Buyers/Owners

Being a homeowner means you also own the pipe underground that is outside your home. Often times these pipes fail and it is the homeowners responsibility to repair or replace the water and sewer lines. Polybutylene Pipe was used in most homes until about 1995. It was viewed as a great low-cost replacement to copper. Unfortunately, this pipe has become defective and often is the cause to many water line leaks. When buying a new home you should be aware of this potential additional cost. Call us today for a free inspection! 

Our Guarantee

  • We offer a 10 year guarantee on all parts and labor on any water service replacement 
  • 1 Year Guarantee on Service Work Labor and Material 


We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard (3.5% Fee for Credit Card Use)

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