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Having a problem with your pipes is already frustrating enough.
We will make sure to have it done in a timely and professional way to make it easier for you to get on with the important things. 

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Clearwater Plumbing & Repair, Inc.

Our Services

Trenchless Water Line Replacements

Want to keep your outdoor space looking good even after you have your main water line replaced?
Yes, Please!

Main Sewer Line Repair / Replacements

Clearwater Plumbing utilizes the most up-to-date methods for our repairs, replacements and installations.

Water Heater Repair / Replacements

Are the noises coming from your tank scaring you? Banging, popping and rumbling sounds can indicate there's a buildup of sediment that can lead to your tank failing.

Sump Pump Install / Replacements

Is your sump pump working properly? If it's not, it could leave you ankle deep in water and have potential foundation issues in the future.

Whole Home Re-Piping

Our team of plumbing experts are knowledgable in a wide range of kitchen and bathroom plumbing services.

Water Filtration System Installs

Clean, fresh water is a necessity to maintain a healthy life. Let Clearwater help you with that.

Kitchen & Bathroom

The two busiest rooms in the house can’t be out of commission! Our team will get your pipes back in working condition in a timely manner. Maintenance, leaks or remodel - we can handle it all.

Toilet Repair / Replacement

Looking for a new throne? We repair and replace toilets to get you back on the regular.

Fixture Replacements

You’re busy. Let us fix or replace that pesky fixture you’ve been putting off.

Well Pump Replacements

No water? Sometimes well pumps stop working which means no water is being pumped to your home. Let us come take a look to get you back in working order.

Backflow Preventors Test / Service / Replace

Backflows prevent cross contamination - make sure yours stays in operating condition. Call us today.

Farm Services

Animals are part of your family. Keep them happy with fresh water from yard hydrants and/or waterers. Certified Nelson Automatic Waterer technician/supplier.
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Home Owner Information

Did You Know?

As a homeowner, it is YOUR responsibility to service the underground water and sewer lines. Once they join with public utilities (typically near the curb/street), they sometimes fail to work properly because of age, ground corrosion or collapsed pipes due to tree roots.

Did you have a spike in your water bill or are noticing wet / soft ground spots around the exterior of your house? This could be a sign of a backup happening!

Let the experts at Clearwater Plumbing take a look today!

Need to pay over time rather than all at once? No problem!

Flexible Payment Options

Partnering with Wisetack, we are now able to offer our customers flexible payment options.

Fill out the quick application to find out your options today! *Checking your loan options does not impact your credit score

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