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Trenchless Water Line Replacements

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How Do We Fix Your Main Water Service Line?

We use 1 of 3 methods. Depending on the ground condition, age, the type of pipe and location of the pipe will determine which method we use.

Method #1

Directional Drill

Using a direction drill machine, we drill a lateral line underground that the new water pipe is fed through.  This machine makes it easier for drilling longer distances and often only needing one entrance and exit point. 

Method #2

Pneumatic Mole

Much smaller than the directional drill and runs off of compressed air. Small holes are dug down the correct depth, roughly 4’x4′ and about 10-15′. The mole is then inserted into the first hole and uses compressed air to hammer through the ground to get to the next hole. This also leaves a lateral line that the new water pipe is fed through. This is a good method for going shorter distances like under sidewalks or driveways.

Method #3

Pull Method

The new water pipe is pulled through the existing pipe with pulling force from one end. As the new line gets pulled, the existing line is cut allowing the new line the ability to fit. This method typically also uses only one entrance or exit point.

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